E-luck Quality Spirit
Quality is the footstone of enterprise, customer is the god.

E-Luck Quality Control System

A) In-coming Material Control
1) E-Luck only purchase the brand carbon black from the maker directly in China.
2) E-Luck have long term and strategic partners of recycle PE materials producers.
3) E-Luck has IQC team,  they code each in-coming material, then take sample to test its dispersion, purity, MFI, smell so on.
4) E-luck has separate and well-conditioned raw material warehouse, all material informaiton in input into computer for management.

B) Production Quality Control
1) E-Luck has QC for routine production quality checking, to monitor the whole production process.
2) The filtering net is required to replace every 2-3 hours depending on different products.
3) Prodcution QC will take final sample for blowing film every 4hours, to check its stabilities.
4) All goods before delivering to warehouse must be completely inspected by QC, and stamp with QC Pass chop.

C) Pre-Shipment Inspection
1) E-Luck QC will check the quantities, package and label, then take sample for blowing film or injecting plate, one day before the loading date.
2) E-Luck QC will inspect the sample quality, to compare it with the standard or the customer ‘s orginal requirements, then release the delivery with signature.
3) E-Luck QC will monitor the whole loading process.