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[News] Congratulations Southwest Office opened

[NEWS] Congulations the southwest office of E-LUCK is opened on 10,AUG.2017.

August 10, 2017, from E-LUCK chairman Yi Zeyou, general manager of marketing office director Hu Haibo and the southwest Miss Ho Lee held a grand opening ceremony. This is E-LUCK, a memorable festive day, marking E-LUCK  business comprehensive coverage of the southwest area of plastic domain, at the same time to congratulate E-LUCK masterbatch plastic Technology Co., Ltd. southwest office opened down, business is booming. 

add: No. 14, No. 20, C District, small stone dam general market, Guandu District, Yunnan, Kunming 


Tel / Fax: 0871-68189800 

contact:HE LI

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