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VietnamPlas--13-16 SEP,2017

ELUCK will meet you at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam on 13-16 SEP,2017


The seventeenth Vietnam Hu Zhiming International Plastics Industry Exhibition will be held at the SECC Exhibition Center in Hu Zhiming, Vietnam on 13-16 September 2017.

Vietnam International Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition was founded in 2001, has been successfully held 16 sessions, the exhibition of the Vietnamese Ministry of industry, 

Ministry of agriculture of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Ministry of trade, Vietnam investment planning department, Vietnam National Machinery Association, the Chi plastic rubber company, 

the Vietnamese Ministry of industry science, Vietnam National Plastics Association, Vietnam National Food Association, Vietnam Ministry of environmental protection, Vietnam National Banking Association, 

Hu Zhiming, the Vietnam chamber of Commerce and industry, overseas investment to support the Vietnam chamber of Commerce, automation industry association. 

Market analysis

Vietnam is the nearest neighbor of our country. Since the Vietnamese government implemented the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, 

Vietnam's economic development has been in good momentum, and the economic and trade relations between China and Vietnam have shown broad 

prospects for development .

Because of Vietnam's weak industrial base, machinery and equipment to import about 90%, while China's machinery products in terms of price, quality 

and service in all aspects than other countries of similar products more suitable for Vietnam at this stage of the market demand, so it has great competitive 

advantage in Vietnam. 

ELUCK will carry the latest color masterbatch products unveiled, and discuss with the global plastics experts exchange, we are honored 

to meet with you and look forward to Hu Zhiming. 



Add: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam


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