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Barcelona Plastics & Rubber Exhibition

Barcelona Plastics & Rubber Exhibition

2017 Spain Barcelona International Plastics Exhibition in October 6, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain Convention and Exhibition Center

successfully fall curtain! 

During the exhibition, the audience from all over the world surged, and the scene was very hot.

During the exhibition, easy energy (e-luck) booth staff in a continuous line, bustling streams of people busily coming and going!

E-luck products are rich, attracting many new, old customers and plastic industry colleagues support and trust .

The trip to Spain, we once again full of harvest, thanks to the support and love of all old and new customers. E-LUCK 

embrace this identity and hope in the future, as in the past, we will provide you with quality products and perfect service 

black mother. 

E-LUCK to "honesty, quality oriented; letter, customer first" business philosophy, to create a "customer, enterprises, 

employees" win-win as the core of the enterprise purpose will never change. 

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