[Shove]Gather polythene PE masterbatch blow molding common i

A: the film surface is cloud and mist
 1: shaimuliao filling (fill the mesh on),
 2: thread portfolio of a weak cause extrusion screw too fast, or the temperature too high or low cause masterbatches scattered poor.
 3: polythene improper selection together (such as A.B.C level again PE raw material), raw materials melting means melting point too high or low, to produce the mesh of raw too low.
 Replace high mesh filling. Or reduce filling additives, strengthen the thread set of molybdenum close, proper adjustment die head and body temperature, choose appropriate gather polythene resin, die head with a thin slip through.
 2: film flatness is poor, poor brightness, sealing not firm.
 Produce factors:
 1: (flatness sent) shaimuliao filling too much,
 2: (brightness difference), shaimuliao carrier improper selection, carrier too little.
 3: (sealing not firm.) shaimuliao of wax is too high
 1 (poor flatness) reduce shaimuliao filling.
 2: (brightness difference), selection for the carrier or increase the carrier content.
 3: (sealing not firm). Reduce shaimuliao PE wax content. Adjust the temperature and pressure sealing machine.
 3: extrusion tube rupture pressure
 Produce factors:
 1: shaimuliao contains impurities. Contains moisture content, porosity,
 2: organic pigments factors lead to edc pipe extrusion scattered bad, tube wall and chlamydia trachomatis appearance, once pressure pipe burst in.
 Solution: improve filtering fineness, shaimuliao production strengthen filtering, strengthen the mixed refine, vacuum, quality selection organic pigments, improve shaimuliao liquidity.
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