snapshot of the activities from E-LUCK International Trade Department

Yesterday, the foreign trade department of yijuyuan organized a group building activity, and everyone was full of passion and enthusiasm.The original intention of this activity r is to provide us with a better platform for exercise. Besides work, there is life. Exercise and health are also very important!H also hopes to promote mutual understanding and establish profound friendship through this activity.But in fact, in the process, we not only established a deep friendship, but also cultivate tacit understanding, enhance unity!

Rock climbing and plum blossom zhuang, test your endurance, strength and courage!Hold on to the end is the winner!

Skill and cooperation are both important. One's success depends on skill and effort.The success of a team depends on unity and cooperation!

Without a challenge, how do you know how much passion life has left for you? How much passion do you have for life?

Reach out and we'll pull you up!They say that there is no shortcut to life. It all depends on personal efforts.But a lever can also move the earth, learn to leverage force, achieve twice the result with half the effort, is also good.Sometimes what you spend a lot of time trying to figure out may be someone else's experience.Learn teamwork, it is easier to get win-win!

Look not high, a station up or can not help but have a little guilty, dare to jump, dare to challenge yourself?It's not that hard to make the leap after several attempts. The important thing is to get over the inner step.Yes, there are always difficulties in life and work. Only by facing them head-on and solving them can we keep moving forward.

We are a young team, emitting vigorous vitality, the flow of fresh blood.We have expectations for the future and are more willing to work hard to achieve them!We are tough and tenacious like a cactus, even in the desert, no soil, no water, can survive.Because we understand, if you don't struggle when you are young, then when do you wait ?
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